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My cat is off his food

I have a 10 year old Tom. Until recently he has been a normal heathy cat eating regularly. Howver he is now off his food, he will eat small amounts only, however he miows after he eats. When I feed him again he becomes fussy and often will not eat the same type of food twice. He usedto eat Iams but then stopped, it tried him on another food and another. Also his fir appears to be very greasy after he washes himself. Any ideas ?


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Martina Stuart

Chech his mouth teeth gums and throat carefully or get him checked by a vet. If there are no abnormalities to see I suspect he may have an acute bout of CADD (cat attention defecit disorder) which could very easily become chronic. He may well be winding you up and enjoying being the centre or attention and the more you pamper to him the more he will enjoy it.
Select a good quality dry diet and only put a little out for him at a time and leave it up to him.
Unless he is a pedigree cat and you intend to use him to breed get him castrated now.
Please keep us informed.


Martina Stuart

It has just occured to be that the syndrome may be more accurately be labelled FADDS (feline attention defecit disorder syndrome)


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