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Cat Dandruff?

Hi, i recently noticed that my cat has really bad flakey dandruff at the base of her back near to her tail.. on closer inspection there were a large amount of black bits (looks like flea eggs) even thou the cat was recently treated with frontline all her skin around this area had thick flakes of skin and some small cuts with fresh blood on them. my cat wont let anyone touch this area of her back and often either bites herself or who ever is touching her when you get close to the area... I searched the rest of her and there are no other eggs nor fleas... not sure if this is related but she has had some behavioural problems in the past few months of poo-ing and wee-ing in places other than her litter tray especially on towels if left lying round?

any help would be appreciated


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Martina Stuart

sounds like a flea problem. The black bits will be flea dirt. Keep up the frontline as per the data sheet and keep your fingers crossed for the next 6-9 months.


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