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cameron bate

flat orange bugs in kittens fur

Hello, i was wondering if anyone could help me please? I have a 5 month old kitten who keeps scratching like she has fleas. However on closer inspection the bugs in her fur seem to be larger than fleas, skinny, flat, very quick, and orange in colour. She is being bitten regularly as she has small black dots of blood in her fur, and keeps scratching. I live with my girlfriend and neither of us have been bitten, and the cat is in constant contact with us. Does anyone know what these bugs might be and how to kill them? Or are they just fleas?


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Martina Stuart

I do not know what these bugs are but here are some possibilities.
The black gritty bits are flea dirt so the cat must have fleas.
Fleas can run among the hair very rapidly as well as jump considerable distances. Fleas can look sort of orange when viewed under strong light. So the cat may just have fussy fleas that prefer to feed off their natural hosts(or you and your girl friend are not sensitive to their bites).
Alternatively the may just be supercharged lice which are sort of orange but do not normally move very fast.
Fur mites (chylietella [or something like that]) are pin head sized and do not appear to move very much at all so they do not fit the desciption unless they have been on the anabolic steroids.
Chicken mites tend to be red (some of them anyhow) and apart from that I have no other ideas.
With a bit of luck someone else may have some ideas so if that is you please add your suggestions here!




Hey I know it's a little dated but I am from Canada and we call them wood ticks the can cause lime disease wouldn't overly panic though as I and my child hood pets have had many and never had lime disease we just pull them off as close to the head as possibly or light a match blow it out, while hot touch the match to the tick :)


Martina Stuart

The ticks we have in UK attach themselves to the animal and then stay put so I doubt that these bugs will be ticks but thanks for the posting.


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