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Paine Fury

Why is my male cat urinating so often?

Since this morning, started urinating more frequently than normal. He is an indoor cat.

Of good health, he was a rescue with a flea-problem that he is still getting over, he is definitely weeing. Behaviour is fine, drinking/eating normal, no yowling when he wees.

He has constant access to water, eats GoKat indoor adult complete dry food with occasional treats of milk and tuna. He lives with 3 other cats that he gets along with very well and I've also checked his genital area for any inflammation/blockage and can't find any.

I've volunteered with vets before so I do know some signs of a UTI. I've phoned the 24 hour vet line who are also confused. He is going to be booked in for a check tomorrow just in case it IS a UTI but I was wondering if there are any who have been affected by this, whether they can give any advice and IN CASE this might not be a urinary tract infection and diabetes instead? No hard belly either (just checked that) and no blood in his wee. Also, he hasn't yet been spotted licking himself around that area.

P.S I have just noticed that, although he is weeing, it isn't the full normal amount each time and is probably about a tablespoon full of urine. One thing I will note is that we have recently changed who we get our litter from. We used to use a very light-coloured clay-like litter and we are currently using a darker gravel-like litter.


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Martina Stuart

Almost certainly an early urinary tract infection. Increased frequency and reduced volume suggests bladder. No evidence that cranberry juice has the beneficial effects it has in humans but unlikely to do cause any harm and cystaid would almost certainly help as would anything to acidify the urine.
The helpline is still available and even though I am in Japan will cost no more than when I am in the uk



Hmm i agree stuart to me this is almost certainly a urinary tract infection.


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