Cats » Cat not usual self 5 days after FeLV vaccine


This question is related to: Taneka Taboo the cat

Breed:black british shorthair
Vaccination History:FeLV vaccine- 19th of March (5 days ago)
Fed On:Standard cat food,wet & dry
Kept:Indoors only

Cat not usual self 5 days after FeLV vaccine

My cat has recently had her vaccine against FeLV,this has been the only vaccine she has had & she is almost 4 years old, the family that had her previous didn't bother to get her checked by a vet since birth so as soon as she came into my care I wanted to get her brought up to date on her vet treatments. However,I have heard that older cats can react to vaccines more negatively that they should of had as kittens. Is this true? It has been 5 days now since my cat had her jab but is still a bit off colour, she is eating & functioning normally but her water intake has changed,she appears to be drinking more than before she had her vaccine,its not excessive but yet not her usual intake. Could this be the FeLV vaccine that's caused this? If so,will it subside in time?



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Martina Stuart

Worth while getting her back for a check over. Vaccine reactions are rare especially to monovalent vaccines (vaccines against one disease only). As she is un-neutered there is a possibility of a uterine problem brewing and more history would be useful. I certainly recommend getting her back to the vets today rather than leaving her over the weekend.


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