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This question is related to: Ebony the cat

Age:8-10 weeks
Breed:Black tabby
Weight:3 pounds
Vaccination History:Feline aids etc
Fed On:Iambs proactive
Kept:Inside kitten, couch is her spot

Help find an answer? Misdiagnosed.

So my little Ebony was perfectly fine one night. The next morning, I go to work and come home and she's having difficulty walking and jumping. I take her to the vet and the doctor immediately jumps to Cerebellar Hypoplasia. She has shown absolutely NO SIGNS of this. She was fine one day and not the next. After X-rays and other tests this is what they gave me and told me it was non progressive. Well, she has gotten considerably worse. She can hardly hold her head up, she struggles to walk and slips on the floor, she cant jump at all because she lands flat, she struggles to get to her food, she can't climb into her litter box well, and she's vomited about 2-3 times. I need help. This is like my child.


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Martina Stuart

Have infection and injury been eliminated? I suggest that it is time to requeat a referral. Do it today so it can be set up for Monday.
Please keep us informed



Yes they have both been eliminated. I've been told it's possible that she has a chronic ear infection?


Martina Stuart

Sorry been whizzing around place to place. Still suggest a referral.


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