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This question is related to: Figaro the cat

Weight:8 kg
Vaccination History:yes vaccinated on the 20th of January 2017
Fed On:Purina Light
Kept:indoor, apartment

Licking his mouth

my cat Figaro of 4 years old is licking his mouth often since 20 days I took him last week to the Vet for the routine vaccinations and she said if he vomits to take him back. Well he continue to lick his mouth and paws but he never vomited. He eats with appetite, goes to bathroom, plays but continue to licking his mouth. What should I do, what can it be?

thank you


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Martina Stuart

Get his mouth checked out. Use your eyes and your nose. Looking for bits stuck in teeth loose or damaged teeth tongue or gum injuries.


Martina Stuart

Red gums especially round tooth borders ( gingivitis) and accumulations on the teeth ( tartar)


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