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Overgrooming back legs and being sick

Sooty was taken to emergency vets last week with inflammation of the bladder and uti. She was given antibiotics, metacam, and some capsules of powder which basically help improve the lining of her bladder.
She had been over grooming her flanks both sides and the bottom bit of her tummy quite severely...the vet thought it could be due to feeling unwell. Took her back on Friday for a check thinks she has arthritis in back paws and bottom of spine so kept her on the metacam for another month.

Once last week..and again this morning, Sooty has been sick....quite a lot of sick :( Do I need to rush her back to the vet? Should I just monitor and see how it goes? She is still over grooming has any one got any ideas or advice about this?

Shes not a young lady anymore - shes about 13 and a half. So not mega old either :)

If anyone has any help or advice to offer that would be great - thank you.


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Martina Stuart

The level of urgency in terms of returning her to the vets can be guaged by assessing her general activity and any significant dehydration. As Long as she is reasonably active and responsive and her gums remain light salmon pink feel silky or even slightly moist ( recent vomiting may make them overmoist or slimy) then there is no immediate concern and Monday will be early enough.
UTIs of themselves often cause some discomfort and that may lead to overgrooming. Once the habit is formed it is often difficult to break.
Gamma linoleic acid (Gla) supplements may help
As she is short haired hair balls are unlikely to be a problem even with the overgrooming. Do check the sick for hair content and distract her as mutch as she will allow over the rest of the weekend.


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