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Weight:4 pounds
Vaccination History:all up to date
Fed On:dryfood

litterbox,hair and weight loss,disoriented,deaf,little smelly

My 18 year old Persian is not able to get to the litterbox on time, she tries but doesn't make all the time.
She has been losing a lot of hair from her chin to her chest and down her front legs.
She has lost weight, I can feel her back bone and ribs, and she a little smelly.
She is very disoriented at times and she stumbles.
She does eat and drink.
I think she might be going deaf as well.
She has always been extremely attached to me. I have been noticing for the past few months that she has been gravitating towards my 6 year old daughter (who she has ran from since being born) and my husband.
I love my cat so much!!!!! The mere thought of her not being here with me turns me into a blubbering fool. I hope I'm not doing her harm because I can't let her go. I am afraid to bring her to the vet because I know they will tell me to put her down.
Is there any hope? How can I help her?


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Martina Stuart

I have no doubt that you should seek advise from your vet. Remember that you have the final say and responsibility to elect for euthanasia and you can only make the right decision for her once you have the necessary information. From your description that is likely to include the results of blood samples to assess her kidney function.
Good luck


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