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Age:don't know
Breed:Tabby DSH
Weight:slightly underweight
Vaccination History:history not known
Fed On:not known
Kept:not known whether she has a home or not.

Severe diarrhoea

She's having severe diarrhoea, it looked like she was peeing but no, it's that thin, with undigested pieces of whiskas etc in it.

I can't take her to a vet even if it's needed, she won't let me that near. If she badly needs treatment I could probably give her a tablet in food.

Background: I don't know where she's from. She very recently had kittens and was very hungry before then, so I thought most likely she's homeless. Now she's not eating here so much, so I'm not sure what the deal is. No idea where the kittens are & whether they survived. She won't let me near her - she has once, but not lately. I've not been able to find out if she lives with someone round here. She's very new on the scene here.


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Martina Stuart

Sorry to be so long answering.
Seems you have an almost impossible situation as you will not be able to prevent her scavenging. I suggest the best you can do is to make sure she has a good supply of clean fresh water and bland food. By bland I mean fish either oily or white and rice or pasta. Oily fish may be a better supply of energy.
I suspect that she will also benefit from worming so if you can find a supply of panacur granules then they can be added to the food direct from the fridge which should make them less likely to be rejected.
The only other alternative is to approach local cat charities such as cats protection and see if it is possible to borrow a car trap. That of course may be counterproductive from the kittens pint of view so it will be important to ensure that if caught she can be got to a vet and returned within a few hours.
Good luck.
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