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Breed:Ragdoll Persian cross
Fed On:Sheba,iams,chicken

Weight loss

Hello have a five year old ragdoll Persian cross who is extremely nervous of anyone except me since she was a kitten to the point where I can't even take her to the vets last time I tried she was in such a state I had to cancel the appointment as she was so stressed recently she has started loosing weight and fur around her ears shes very small for her age and has always been rather thin but never this bad its vary worrying her parents belong to my sister and a few months ago her father passed away very suddenly at six years old of a suspected heart attack so I'm very concerned she may have a heart attack if I try to take her to the vet again


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Martina Stuart

Search for a visiting vet in your area,
Check worming and consider milbemax tablets and advantage spot on to control internal and external parasites. Increase high energy food including more fat and weigh regularly. Simple luggage scales and a loose shopping bag work well especially if made a bit of a game.
Good luck
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