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Fed On:Whatever she desires - Whiskas or Felix pouches mainly
Kept:Mostly indoors - sometimes ventures out into garden

Super flea problem please help

Both Sooty and Sweep are suffering from fleas...I do all the usual stuff...have tried all the different spot on treatments that I can..have treated the home..bedding..everything...and yet they still have them - badly. Whats worse is that Sooty is allergic to flea dirt so has overgroomed to baldness on half of one side of her body and both front paws. Have tried diatomicous I believe that Sooty is now reacting to chemical flea treatments. I groom them regularly...treat the house and bedding and soft furnishings regularly...Im almost at a loss. Please any suggestions for effective and swift treatment?


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Martina Stuart

thee are many previous responses to the problem of getting rid of fleas.
The flea egg is virtually indestructible and can remain viable for years.
The allergy shown by sooty is likely to be to the leas saliva not its faeces. the only solution for him is to remove him from any exposure to fleas. do you have a solid floored room that you can isolate him in. keep treating him with advantage or frontline spray thoroughly vaccum the floor edges nooks and crannies and treat regularly with a residual insecticidal spray or powder and use only fresh new bedding.
Alternatively rehome him or both of them.
all furry animals in the house should be treated on a regular basis using a vet endorsed medication.
Be aware that many of the products available on an unrestricted basis are virtually useless in terms of their ability to control fleas in an infested property.
It is virtually impossible to clear an infested property of fleas once a flea population is established. However it may well be worth contacting the local council to firstly ascertain if the fleas are animal or human ones and then arranging for regular fumigation.


Martina Stuart

gamma linoleic acid supplements may help to reduce the sensitivity of the allergic response


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