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Vaccination History:Rabies, FVRCP/FELV
Fed On:Dry special kitty food
Kept:Kennel cage

Accidentally gave 2 doses metacam to cat

I was in charge of boarding this weekend at the hospital I work for. I accidentally gave our hospital cat 2x her normal dose of metacam.
She had gotten one this morning around 8am and then I gave the one meant for tomorrow morning around 7pm tonight. I called the doctor and did as he instructed; I gave 3mL hydrogen peroxide PO, saw vomit, (and gave one more mL to be sure) then gave her 10mL of water. I've since left the hospital but I'm really she going to be okay? Should I have stayed and watched for signs of renal failure or is checking tomorrow like the doctor said alright?
Thank you!


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Martina Stuart

I doubt that the metacam would have affected her at all. The only consequence is likely to be that she won't be that keen on you giving her anything by mouth in the immediate future! Take her a treat in today and make a bit of a fuss if her.


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