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Age:Less than a day
Fed On:Fed by mom
Kept:In the backbedroom, mom stays under the bed, kitten stays with mom

Why and what is this? Turning in circles, constant meow, etc.

I have a cat that is about a year old that just has had kittens for a second time, and only had two this time. They were born dead the last time, NOT THIS TIME. Anyways, she neglects this one kitten half the time, they were born today, and that kitten half the time wonders where it is and sometimes turns in circles or can’t find its mom to walk back to. It normally gets neglected by its mom when the mom gets nervous, or bugged. I have three other pets, 2 male cats, 1 male dog, they all get along, all around a year old, and the female cat, of course.


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Also, I forgot to mention that it staggers sometimes for a few seconds or goes on its side for a few seconds sometimes and gets back up, and tries to walk around as best as it can trying to find its mom. It also meows constantly, which the meow is a little weaker than it was earlier today, and when I tried to pick it up very, very, very, very, gently to bring it to its mom, and it meowed sharply, even though I was so gentle. It is a newborn, and drinks it’s moms milk, for reference.


Martina Stuart

I regret it is likely that the queen picked up a viral infection during her pregnancy or is harbouring one. Suggest you continue to feed or assiatvrhw kitten to feed and it may may it. Be prepared it may be permanently mentally impaired.
Get the mother spayed in 6 -8 weeks time or earlier if she is not longer suckling


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