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Strong Urine smell

My Cat is about 16 years old and seems to be healthy. In the last week her urine has smelt of very strong fish. Her diet has not changed.
Any ideas of what this could be or what the vet would charge for any tests ?


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Martina Stuart

It is not unusual to get variations in the pungency of cat urine. It seems to vary according to how long it has been held in the bladder among other reasons. I would be inclined not to worry about it unless the cat is drinking, weeing or eating more or less or is changing weight. (Weighing her daily may be the most cost effective test to determine if she needs veterinary atention).
Simple stick tests for urea levels etc will cost ?2-3 but beware there may be a consultation fee as well. Specific Gravity will add another ?2-3 but can give very useful information. Specific bacterial culture and antibiotic sensititvity tests etc can cost anything from ?30 to ?300. So do ask for an estimate of charges prior to going ahead.


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