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Does anyone have any personal experience in a GSD with OCD? We re-homed ours when he was fourteen months and found out within a few days he'd been diagnosed (both elbows) before we got him. We researched operations etc. and got so much conflicting advice we decided not to go for it (no insurance yet, for starters). If we could have been assured of, at least, some success I would have gone for it but a lot of info came back that it wasn't very successful on elbows. He's now three and we manage it using controlled exercise, supplements etc and he's flourished. It flares up every six to eight months. Has anyone else had it done and is it too late for the operations?
Any feedback much appreciated. He's a fantastic dog who had a bad start.


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Martina Stuart

The earlier the surgery is done the more likely that it is to be succesful and it is fairly specialised surgery.
Arthritis will almost always develope in affected joints eventually so you are bsically in a damage limitation situation.
Do bear in mind that conditions already in existance cwan not be insured against. To try to do so is fraud.


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