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lump on my dogs foot

ive just discovered a round ball like red lump on my 8 year old boxers back right foot in between her end 2 toes shes not in pain and when i touch it she doesnt even budge even tough it looks really bad if anyone has any info id be really gratefull thank you


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Sounds like an interdigital cyst.

They can be a bit of a bother and can be caused either by rubbing if their toes are not straight, or a foreign body such as a grass seed.

If he has got to 8 yrs old and not had one before then it is more likely to be a foreign body that has caused it. They do sometimes need an op.

One of my boys used to have one that persisted in coming up even after an op, but his was due to bad toe alignments. I used to make up a poultice with ointments including magnesium sulphate to draw everything to the surface. It will eventually burst if left and so I would see a vet with it if I were you.

Do keep it washed with salt water to keep it clean until you can see a vet.


Martina Stuart

monitor it very closely. The sooner it is examined the better if it is an interdigital cyst then usually they point in an abcess. Should it be a tumour then the sooner it is attended to the easier any surgery or treatment will be.


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