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Phantom pregnancy

Ok, now the vet says my dog has a phantom pregnancy and has subscribed some pills for her. Is this physically a problem for a dog? I have no experience of this either!

I do love my dog, but I have never owned a dog who has needed so much treatment for things.


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It can be, but if you've already seen the vet with her then she should be fine.

Just watch out for changes in her behavior and speak to the vet if she gets at all lethargic.

It would be wise to get her spayed though as she is likely to go through this every time which is not good for them.



She was lethargic and seemed to go a bit saggy round her neck and her under carriage, I thought it was her age. Since the tumour has been removed from her mouth, she is back to her old self. Recently she has started licking me and things, is that part if the behaviour of a phantom pregnancy?



Being honest I have only experienced this a couple of times. Most of the bitches that have been through here have been spayed.

In general because they produce milk this can become infected when not being used. (Mastitis)

Just googled phantom pregnancy in dogs and there is loads available.
Read some before Stuart gets to see this but be careful you don't get paranoid over anything. Sometimes there is too much available online ....


Martina Stuart

sure is turning into an interesting camper trip.
Phantom pregnancy is not uncommon in the bitch. It signifies thatthereis some hormonasl imbalance and that can also lead to problems wihin the uterus. usually anything brewing in there will result in increased thirst so monitor the water intake. Give her the tablets as dierected and have a feel ather mammary apparatus daily. Any suggestion of swellings or uneven firmness is grounds for getting her back to the vets.
Hope that you continue to enjoy the holiday!!



Bonnie was doing great after the tumour was removed, until I gave her the tablets for the phantom pregnancy. She's become over- active and cries and whimpers a lot. She's been prescribed contralac 20 (Virbac). She has to take 3mg until Sunday when the box is finished. She's not a happy dog at all. I'm trying to contact the vet, but have been unable to do so yet. Stuart, if you read this, should we just persevere with the tablets? Thanks.


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