Dogs » Large Growth with White Top on Dog's Stomach?


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Breed:Golden Retriever

Large Growth with White Top on Dog's Stomach?

We noticed a growth growing exactly like this one (pic link below) on our dog's stomach. It was just noticed after his last haircut. It looks simmalar to a nail, and we were thinking it might have to do with possible thyroid problems? The picture attached is on another help website, but the problem hasn't been answered. If you could help us that would be great, we're worried about Max. Thanks.


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^ there is the pic.


Martina Stuart

Does it also feel like a nail?
I have recently answered a question which enclosed the same picture. It would e extremely unusual to get a nail growing from the dogs stomach. That is not to say it is impossible but for a nail to be produced there has to be the specialised epithelial cells that produce horn present. This can happen either by inoculation (transplantation ) of such cells or through mutation as may happen in certain tumour conditions.
It is possible to get keratinisation of some other fibrous tissue as happens to some warts or fibromas.
My advice is simple get it seen by a vet and take the advice given. liokely to be iether relax ignore it or get it chopped out and analysed.
Good luck. please let us know the outcome.


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