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Maya Kieff

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Age:6 months
Vaccination History:all
Fed On:purina puppy chow
Kept:indoors:my home

Losing weight fast, won't eat or drink

my 6 month old pit bull is throwing up every time she eats, now won;t eat (very thin) like starving thin),98 temp, very listless, what is wrong and what can I do?


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There is only one thing you can do and that is get to a vet as quickly as you can.

Nobody can tell you what is wrong without a diagnosis however, 98 is below a dogs normal body temperature and any time a dog cannot keep anything down and is listess then you are talking emergency here.

Please phone your vet NOW.

You could call the vet here on the UK one call advice line but quite honestly if you have a pit bull then you can't be UK and so it would be best to get in touch with your emergency veterinary care.


Martina Stuart

Thanks Chicco. Possible foreign body get him to a vet now and please do let us know what is found.



i thought pit balls are illegal in the uk any way call a vet now

my parakeet is acting srange do you know some one in the uk (eastborne wold be good) who can diognose these symtoms yawning and streching a littel to much can you tell me on my budgie is acting strange recentley does he need a vet.
best wishes scarlet budgie


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