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Breed:golden retriever
Fed On:dry bakers food
Kept:in there own room

unable to stand on his back legs

My DOG has now lost the use on his back legs and i am worried iof tyhis is an illness or just down to age. The reason i ask is that my other dog a black lab has also recently lost his use of his back legs.

can you please try and put my mind at rest as we do nto have much money and are worried about the helth of both dogs


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Martina Stuart

There are all sorts of possible causes for dogs loosing the use of their hind legs. Maybe it is best here to consider the possible future condition of the digs and their quality of life.
This is likely to depend on the speed of onset and the severity of the condition.
Instant onset complete paralysis is likely to have a central nervous system, spinal or trauma cause and requires immediate attention from a vet. No improvement within 3 days is grounds to consider euthenasia.
Slow onset over weeks or months starting with just a little stiffness is likely to continue deteriorating at a similar sort of pace. From a practical point of view the important consideration in h=these cases from the dogs point of view is the response to treatment which usually means non steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs.
I do suggest that you should discuss the situation of both dogs with a local vet and do not be afraid to emphasize the financial restraint you are under. Do also bear in mind that you do have a legal responsibility to seek veterinary attention for any sick or injured animal.


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