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Age:3yrs 7months
Vaccination History:All up to date
Fed On:Burns dog food(dried).

Dog yelping for no reason

Hello, I wonder if you can help me.

My wife and I have a chocolate labrador aged 3yrs 7 months. We have owned her since she was 5 months old.

We have afforded her the utmost love, attention and affection from day one - and she enjoys a great life. Both my wife and I are retired and so we devote a generous amount of time to our dog.

We give her a good long walk every day, which she loves. She also has 2 meals a day. We use top quality vet-recommended food and she is always up to date with any worm / flea treatment, vaccinations, boosters, etc. Additionally, we take her pretty much everywhere with us, and the longest that we ever leave her on her own is for a couple of hours on the odd occasion. In short, she has a very good life.

She is a very affectionate dog and has always greeted us with enthusiasm, jumping and barking at us when we come through the door, licking us, etc. Whilst she has ALWAYS been of a MILDLY nervous disposition, she has shown us great love for the last 3 years.

Regrettably, over the last few days, she has begun "yelping" completely out of the blue, for no apparent reason. Her eating and toiletting habits are unchanged. She still enjoys her walks and still eats all her food. In addition to the yelping she has become a little more withdrawn and 'introspective', but at the same time still wagging her tail and exhibiting her pleasure at seeing / being with us (although not so enthusastic).


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There is no doubt that something is wrong and troubling her, and the description you give all lead to pain including being withdrawn and "introspective".... as well as the obvious yelping.

Personally I would say this is enough for a veterinary visit as there is no way of knowing where this pain is arising from if she is not showing any external signs such as limping.


Martina Stuart

Yikes does sound as though something is causing her pain. Can't be her ovaries so maybe kidney stones (I know how painful they can be !) or b gall duct spasm or something weird along those lines. worth getting her looked at and may also be worth having the video set up in the hope that you may e able to catch a spasm on record.
Please do let us know what transpires.



im having similar problems with my jack russell except she does this every 6 months when she is in season, im trying to find an answer for it myself, but thinking that another trip to the vet is definately my top priority, hope everything works out ok for you xx


Martina Stuart

any update ? was anything found ?
ovarian cysts can cause pain and associated behavioral changes. I do suggest it is worth getting any dog that is so affected spayed.


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