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This question is related to: gipsey the dog

Breed:large lab cross a bit bigger than a lab
Vaccination History:all booster up to date
Fed On:dry mix for older dog
Kept:in the home

lack of poop control

he has bad legs and it is difficult to get up when he does he is pooping the stools are normal but he seems unaware of when to go sometimes he poops laying down in is bed and has falls down out side sometimes was on metacam now on prednoleucotropin question if i increase the fibre in his diet do you think it would make him more aware that he needs to go to the toilet, because it would bulk out his stools? i known they do this with people? or what else could you suggest? no matter how often he goes out he still pooping in house about twice a day and its a desperate dash to the door for him.


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Martina Stuart

I doubt that increasing the fibre in his diet will have any effect at all other than giving you more to clean up. I suspect that this will be related to impaired nervous tissue function brain/nerves and or circulation. Try n him on Hills BD and vivitonin for a while.
It is likely that the situation will deteriorate at what rate only time will tell though I do suspect that the time will come when you have to make a difficult decision. I can however give you the assurance that if you know your dog well you will know when that time is if you listen to your heart and not your head.


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