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Breed:Cross Patterdale or Border
Fed On:Variety of dog foods including chappie

Dogsitting & dog has intermittent diarrhea

I'm dog sitting my friends cross Patterdale/Border? terrier. She's had diarrhea on and off for the last 4 days, despite being given medication by the vet which I've now used.
As it's bank holiday weekend and access to vets will be both difficult and costly, is there anything I can give her to help? I've been giving her eggs, chicken and rice etc and obviously lots of water, but has not stopped diarrhea.
Someone suggested natural yoghurt, but as she's not my dog, am I bit apprehensive.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks


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Martina Stuart

the best thing you can give her is a glucose electrolyte mix such as lectade which should be available from pet shops. You can make one from a teaspoonful of salt and a tablespoonful of Glucose (not sugar) in a pint of water. Keep on this only for up tp 48 hours and if still has diarrhoea take to vet Tuesday (by which time she will be a very cross patterdale terrier!)


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