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This question is related to: Syd the dog

Breed:mini doxie
Weight:10 lbs
Vaccination History:up to date
Fed On:Hills Science diet

bleeding after oral surgery

3 days ago my dog had extractions done. He is still bleeding large clumps. How long should I expect this to last? Vets office is closed until morning. Am I just over reacting or has this gone way too long?


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Martina Stuart

worth contacting them when they open and getting him checked out. Clumps should have stopped by now! check his gum colour should be light pink and go paler when pressed and then colour flood back in by the time you counted to 4 little seconds. If it is not maybe get him seen earlier.
ps what is a doxie?



I thought I had replied to this earlier but I must not have clicked on "Add answer" or missed doing something.

Looking at online dictionaries a doxie can be a female lover, a prostitute, a mistress or even a dachshund.

I would guess at it meaning a dachshund in this case Stuart :)


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