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red eyes in german shepherd

My german shepherd started with red eyes on the whites of the eye 2 weeks ago, took her to the vet prescribed antibiotic drops 4 times a day for a week. Seemed to be improving but since the drops have stopped the problem has started to worsen again. She s off her food too. We have a lot of dust around as renovating the house - do you think it might just be allergy thing?
Vet wants an eye specialist to get involved which will cost a fortune! I'm not sure I need to. What could I try? Bonnie is 3 years old, neutred and around 24 kg.


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Martina Stuart

The reddening may be the result of local irritation. It could just as likely be associated with problems within the eyes such as an increase in the fliud pressure within the eyeball.
As it sounds as though both eyes are involved the the possibility of this being a sign of a systemic disease (one involving other organs of the body) should be considered.

My advice is to act on your vet's recomendation of a referral sooner rather than later. If there is an internal eye problem or systemic disease the longer it is left the more the dog will suffer, the less likely the treatment is to be effective and the more it is likely to cost.
Good luck. Please keep us updated


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