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Breed:Shih tzu
Vaccination History:All up to date
Fed On:Royal cabin Shih tzh
Kept:At home free to roam

Neutering problem

My dog was neutered on Wed. On Thursday morning I got up and he was crying a lot and his ball sac looked like it had filled again and all of his penis and surrounding area was purple and looked to be filled with fluid.

We called the vets who said bring him back in. After a check they said that he has a hemotomoa and the blood will all be absorbed slowly over the coming week. And gave us some anti inflammatory and pain relief loxicom I think it is called and we are allowed to give 8kg every 24hrs.
That night his ball sac which wasn't where he was cut open started to seep blood like the amount of pressure from the blood hematoma build up had seeped through his skin. We took him.back to the vets as he was crying and digging in his bed he's in so much pain. They just said it will take time.
It now Sunday the bleeding has stopped but he's still in alot of pain he can't walk as his balls hurt him and if he sits it touches the floor and hurts him. He's also not had a wee since Friday. Not even a piddle.
It's 4.22 am and I'm not sleeping because he's crying with pain I can't do what the vet has said if just waiting for it to heal as he's in so much pain and is shivering.
Any advice is appreciated.. could I give him a few more kg doses of the medicine they gave us. If I could add pictures you would be shocked at how much th bruise has already up his body and around his legs and stomach.


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Sorry about the grammar and punctuation I couldn't fit it all in to the question



How can I add pictures?



I am not a vet but will answer and hope Stuart sees this soon.

First of all absolutely no to more Loxicam. It is an anti-inflammatory and he mustn't have more than the prescribed dose.

However, I'd also not be happy about this. I've taken in endless post op castrations for rescue and have only ever once seen any purple bruising so I am sorry to say that I don't feel the vet has done a very good job here.

I would personally be ringing back for other pain reliefs such as tramadol or pardale V... but DON'T give anything from your home cupboard as some human pain reliefs are toxic to dogs and you can't give other NSAID's on top of another.

I am sorry but I have NEVER had a dog in this condition after a castrate though and they normally sail through it without realising anything's happened. The fact that he hasn't pee'd since the op is a concern now also and shows a slight concern regarding swelling inside.

One other thing...can you tell me if he was up to date on lungworm treatment.


Martina Stuart

Never mind the grammar get him back to the vets now


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