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This question is related to: Charlie the Dog

Age:we think he was born January 2013
Breed:Jack Russel Terrier crossed with (we think) a Fox Terrier
Vaccination History:Completely restarted his vaccination course end of march 2014
Fed On:Forthglade Wet mixed with Wainwright's Grain Free dry

Heart Murmur advice

We went for a health check yesterday. The vet spent a very long time checking Charlies heart, it was quite an uncomfortable amount of time so I asked if there was anything wrong. She didn't answer me straight away and went to the computer, which I presume was to check notes, She then kept asking if he had a cough and if I knew about his heart murmur. I said no, he has been checked quite thoroughly and Im sure they would have said. She said you can not miss it and she is quite concerned. Im not sure what she meant or what this will mean. I'm waiting for the usual vet to come back off holiday but what should happen now, will he be assessed further? What will this mean now?


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Martina Stuart

If he is not showing any signs such as lethargy reduced enthusiasm for exercise cough panting fluid retention etc then just try to treat him as normal and get him checked when your usual vet back.
If any of the signs or any other changes request referral to specialist now.


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