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This question is related to: Reuben the dog

Age:10 years approx
Breed:Labrador cross
Vaccination History:Fully vaccinated
Fed On:Pero complete lamb and rice
Kept:Inside, well cared for.

Carprieve 50mg and Lintbells Yumove


Our older lab cross has been taking 50mg Carprieve/Carprox, twice a day, for a couple of weeks for aches, pains and inflammation of joints after our Vet's diagnosis of arthritis/stiff joints causing him pain and discomfort.

I would like to try our dog on Lintbells YuMOVE as a natural alternative to the Carprieve.

His last Carpieve tablet will be given 8:30pm tonight. The new YuMOVE supplements are due to arrive tomorrow.

Q - Will it be safe to put him straight onto the YuMOVE tomorrow when they arrive - or will he need some time for the Caprieve to leave his system, before giving him a dosage of YuMOVE?

Advice would be most appreciated

Many thanks.


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Martina Stuart

I am not in a position to advise on specific cases.
As far as I am aware there is no record of any interaction between Carprofen and Green Lipped muscle extract. It is therefore seemingly ok to use both together, however I suggest that the logical program is to continue the current Carpreive medication without the u move supplement until you are able to consult with the vets who prescribed the Carprieve and tell them what you are planning. Once agreed I would suggest continuing both in tandem for a few weeks before reducing the Carpreive and assessing the response.
Will anticipate you posting the outcome! .



Thank you for responding so quickly.

I'll hold off giving him any YuMOVE tomorrow and phone our vet on Monday to discuss the matter with him first.

Many thanks :-)



Obviously I agree with Stuart regarding checking it out with your vets however, just to say that Yumove has one of the best recommendations as a natural supplement and many people swear by it.



Thank you Chicco, that's great to know :-)


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