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I have a 8 month old pot belly pig.Can you advise me on how to clean its ears inside and with what as they are very dirty.saphie is healthy other than the ears it has been living indoors and i have 3 cats that also shares the house


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Martina Stuart

Gently massage with soapy (non scented household soap) water using cotton wool swabs followed by a good rinse and drying with kitchen roll. Do not attempt to put anything even a cotton wool bud down the ear you will probably never see it again (either bud or pig). Auroclens or other similar bland non acidic ear cleaners may also be worth trying. Any solution you use should e as near body temperature as possible and try a little and often. My experience of pot bellied pigs is that you have little chance of doing anything with them that they do not want you to do. When we were filming vet in the country we had to anaesthetise a pot belly to trim its nails. This particular pig would start squealing the moment it heard my car let alone my voice and injecting it with anything was a bundle of fun requiring good ear muffs and steady nerve. Good luck. Please keep us entertained with an account of how you get on. If at any time you do need to sedate it a shot of ivermectin is worth considering at the same time top control internal and external parasites and it is possible that mites could be involved in the dirty ears.



After an hour of trying to get saphie in the car and a few potatoes to draw her in she wasn't having it so we gave up and asked for the vet to do a home visit.They said try putting a blanket over its head just to calm it down to which we done.It got in to its bed as to when we lifted up and took it to the car.By the time we got to the vets we were shattered as well as saphie being fast asleep.The vet came out to the car rather than us bring her in he said right im going to give her a couple of injections be ready for the loud screaming i was standing there looking at the neighbours houses next to the vets getting all ready so in the needle goes no sound from saphie second needle goes in just a wee grunt is given we all burst out laughing the vet can't believe she slept through it.


Martina Stuart

The real stories are always the best. Love it Well done. I am amazed you were able to carry an 8 month old pot bellied pig. Even more amazed that she allowed you to carry her in her bed and as for the injections well it has given me a good laugh. Thanks


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