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Vaccination History:Has all vaccinations UTD
Fed On:Hay and grain
Kept:Horse is on stall rest, post-surgery.

Chronic Splint Bone Callous

Hey! I have a 6 year old TB horse that had a displaced splint bone fracture with a callous that he was very unsound on, I Went with surgical removal and it went well. But around 30 days later, the callous started to regrow to around twice the size of the original splint, he was sound on it for about 30-45 days under saddle, I was concerned, but he was sound and happy so I figured I'd just leave it and keep an eye on it. I then jumped for the first time since his initial surgery, he went very lame again! So I got more radiographs and went ahead with a second removal surgery, My equine vet said that's he's heard of it happening, but never seen it! So I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen, or has any information on this? Did it grow back yet again? Was your horse sound? Was he sick, and that's why the bone acted the way it did? Really anything, as I can't find anything online! Thanks


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Martina Stuart

How frustrating for all concerned!
I suspect that there is some underlying conformational or action disturbance that predisposed to the original splint and is continuing to impose stresses on the area. Have you consulted your farrier?
May also be worth getting a registered Animal physiotherapist to
have a look! Could he be repeatedly bashing it?
Once upon a time we used to irradiate these recurrent blighters and it seendd to work in some cases!
Please let us know how things progress


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