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Rabbit in Shock

Approx 2-3 hours ago my rabbits were attacked by a fox in our garden. One of them luckily managed to hide in the garage (where they are kept overnight) and wasn't hurt. I heard squealing and saw a fox attacking Thumper in one of the bushes. It ran off when I ran after it and Thumper went and hid behind his hutch in the garage. He wouldn't come out and we had to move it to get hold of him. He let us hold him (which he never lets us do!) and is breathing very heavily. From what we can see the only injury he suffered was a big lump of fur ripped out (which we found up the garden), on his back/near the top of one of his legs, no bites, no blood, etc. We put them both in the hutch and covered him with a blanket. He isn't eating and is laying facing the corner of the hutch. My other rabbit Sandy clearly knows somethings wrong as she keeps trying to get next to him under the blanket and is very wary. What can I do to help him get through the shock he's in?


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Martina Stuart

You have effectively done what you can do. There is little doubt that the rabbit is in a state of physiological shock which could be associated with a crushing injury. there is nothing that anyone can do further at this stage rest security peace and quiet and time are the recipes for survival right now. Watch for the development of any swellings or lameness as attention may be necessary in a day or two.



the rabbit is just in a shock if it gets severe then call a vet instantly he may needs to be treated for shock it happend to my friends chick it died of shock.If it is not severe than just wait for him to cool.

ps: my parakeet is acting srange do you know some one in the uk (eastborne wold be good) who can diognose these symtoms yawning and streching a littel to much can you tell me
best wishes scarlet budgie


Martina Stuart

I feel sure that there will be a vet in pr near Eastborne who is used to dealing with birds. Google bird or avian vets or ring your nearest vet and ask who they recommend locally


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