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Age:6 months
Vaccination History:04.04.2018 rabisyva vp-13 04.04.2018 Progesterone injection
Fed On:dry cat food

bleeding while urinating

hello my cat has gone through her heat cycle and today morning she started peeing blood outside the box which she doesn't usually do(only small amounts ).
since it's my first time rising a cat i don't know what is happening! is it something normal that happens after being in heat (like a human period) or something else and how is it treated ? do i have to take her to a vet ?


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Martina Stuart

Best get to vet as soon as possible as likely to be a urinary infection.



No. It’s highly unlikely she has a UTI. Cats under 10 very rarely have urinary tract infections. It’s much more likely to be cystitis (FIC). Blood in urine, small volumes produced and litter tray avoidance are classic symptoms. It usually corrects itself in 7 days. Keep her very well hydrated with wet food, stop all dry food altogether and reduce any stress in the house. Cystitis is believed to be caused by stress and aggravated by poor hydration. It is painful so you might want the vet to give her Meloxicam to reduce the pain and inflammation but you could give her Pet Hemp oil too.


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