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Vaccination History:Full
Fed On:Mix of complete wet food and dry food
Kept:Free access to outside 24/7

Nightly hairball

Hello, about 2 months ago we adopted a cat believed to be around 2 years old. He has had all his jabs and been neutered, he has access to the outside 24/7 but only goes out for short periods but fairly frequently during the day and never in the evening.

Ever since we got him he seems to have a hairball at the same time each night, I say seems to because nothing ever comes up. He just does a few attempts/heaves then licks his lips and goes on with his day. I'm very new to owning cats and knew about hairballs but he's only brought up a hairball once or twice. He is perfectly fine all the rest of the time, goes out, plays with a laser pointer, sleeps and eats a lot. He does eat extremely quickly and had definitely bulked out since we have rescued him.

Is this normal cat behaviour? Did want to be the new owner that is taking the cat to a vet for it being a cat


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