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Age:10 months
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Old Age


A strange problem.

Many years ago my wife and I had a problem concerning a GSD. Stuart really did save the day.

Now, after many twists and turns, and much help fron the NHS, we still survive, just. The problem? It's our golden wedding celebration on Sunday 29 September (50 years) and thanks to Stuart, we have survived this far.

However, It's been a long time since we last met, and all contact infomation has been lost. That's the reason for, hopefully, contacting Stuart in this way.

My wife and I are now just shadows of the way we used to be (kept alive by our local NHS), and our house is a bit of a disaster area, But, should Stuart feel inclined to drop in on Sunday to join our celebration He would be very welcome.

Who are we? Sheila and Colin from Darlington, and a GSD called Spyd


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Martina Stuart

OMG How nice to hear from you.
I can identify with the aging conundrum. Everything goes faster except me.
Stuart has metamorphosed into Martina which came as a bit of a shock to him/her and those close to me!
Unfortunately I am likely to be already trying to be in more than one place almost all of Sunday however quite bizarrely I will be travelling from Newcastle to leeds on Saturday probably on a motorbike and would be delighted to call briefly just to say hello.
How does that sound?
The next complication is that I doubt that I have no longer got your address and am reluctant to provide my telephone or e mail details on here. So open to ideas!



One of you could create a "Throwaway" email address on this site so that you could post that address on here and once you have established contact just never use it again or only use it for things you are not bothered about. You do not even have to register to create an email address and best of all it's free, but you can make a small donation if you wish.


Martina Stuart

What’s your post code ? I am about to leave Newcastle heading south


Martina Stuart

i tried to find you on my way back today but I failed.
try e mailing me on
my phone number is the same as it was all those years ago.
York post code would take me at your approximate location and then I could just ask around if you are holding the Celebration at home. If it is to be held elsewhere then you may consider it safe to place details on here.


Martina Stuart

So glad I found you and thanks for the cake.


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