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Age:10 -14?
Breed:Jack Russell cross
Vaccination History:Said to have had all vaccinations
Fed On:Winalot and biscuits
Kept:In the house. Downstairs

Old foster dog, incontinence, anorxia

I am fostering a dog aged 14. She is toilet trained and will not soil the house however, she has often urinated by the time we get up in the morning. It's obviously worse if we get up later, but not always the case. The vet has prescribed Propalyn Syrup, but I am a bit worried that this may cause her more discomfort when she just can't hold her urine into the morning. She is difficult to feed, but urinating in the morning is often worse if she has eaten dog food. I had her urine checked and it came back showing protein and creatinine. Subsequent blood tests have proved that there is no kidney damage.

She is a very poor eater, though bounces around like a puppy on her walks, so I'm not too worried about her health. She will only eat the wrong foods, egg, cheese, toast and mashed potato. I sometimes have to hand feed these. She will not eat any tinned or dried dog food. I feed her tinned dog food by hand 99.9% of the time. I don't know what to do. I sometimes put carrot into a cheesy mash meal. Should I give her dog vitamins to ensure she is getting what she needs? She's a gorgeous wee dog and I just want the best for her. Thanks


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Martina Stuart

It is good that you have had her urine tested.and that all has come back clear. Was the specific gravity included in those tests. If not then it is probably worth doing.
It is possible that there could be a problem brewing with the regulation of kidney function. ( google Cushing disease) Providing that the blood urea remains normal then it is probably worth preparing to perform some water deprivation tests and it is necessary to know the urine specific gravity at the start of the testing period. Specific gravity is simple and easy to perform with a spectrometer. The difficult bit is getting the urine samples! Get her used to a long handled frying pan being inserted behind her when she squats.
Have a word with your vet and discuss testing for diabetes insipidus nd fishing’s disease.
God luck. Please do let us know how she goes on.


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