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Breed:labradoodle mini (includes terrier genes)
Fed On:goat

very active puppy resting hind leg often

Thanks for your help. My puppy Frida plays very actively with her big sister all the time. She jumps, sprints around and is extremely agile and fit. Sometimes though she rests her rear right leg and comes to me to be picked up. When I pick her up I can feel her hip click back into place. After this she seems fine again and is not resting the leg.

This happens once a day on average but the rest of the time she is very active and does not seem to be in pain.

I am on a very low income and cannot afford a course of orthopaedic medicine from a vet - they are very expensive in my area.

Please advise. Do you think she might grow out of it as she is less than a year old, or is this just going to get worse and worse as she gets older?

Thanks again for your help.


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Martina Stuart

I do have to advise that the puppy should be examined by a vet. In some areas there are charity run clinics that provide veterinary care and advice for donations or substantially subsidised fees.
This may be a problem with her hip or her stifle (knee). Either way it is likely to result in substantial arthritic pain in the future which may well be life limiting.
Do please try to get her to one of these as a matter of some urgency.
In the mean time do not allow the puppies to play unsupervised. Use the play time instead as training time. Initially on a lead and individually. Avoid steps stairs furniture and raised beds and work in straight lines. Kennel in visual and social contact with her litter mate or other companions.
If you are in the uk be aware of and download a free copy of the “Code of Welfare for Dogs. This forms the basis for the responsible approach to caring for our canine companions.
Good luck
Ps keep her lean


Martina Stuart

Any update ?


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