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Breed:Rottweiler cross

Spot on back of neck

I was fussing Charlie when I noticed a little spot/lump on the back of his neck.
It had a scab on it which I pulled off then it almost looked like it was a hair follicle problem or something as it has a hair in the middle. I plucked the hair out, but not sure if the spot is anything to be concerned about.
I did take a photo but not sure how/if I can upload it


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Martina Stuart

Good afternoon,
I fear my first response to this question is for some reason still floating around in the internet.
Please do feel free to post photographs of this lump on your favourite image sharing site and post the link here.
Alternatively use a photograph of it as your log in image.
In the mean time I have some questions.
1. Is it sore or painful on handling? Is does he resent it being manipulated?
2. Is it changing in shape size or colour?
3. Is there any possibility of a physical injury bite sting or tick injection or implant.
I suggest bathe as often as he will tolerate it with a comfortably warm solution made up wit( a level tablespoonful of salt to each pint of boiled water and assess the response?
I would avoid the temptation to squeeze it at this stage even though it may well be a sebaceous cyst.
I hope this helps


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