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Breed:Yorkshire terrier
Vaccination History:Fully up to date
Fed On:Tails
Kept:In our home

Problem jaw

My dog had severe gum disease and august 2020 he underwent surgery and had all but two teeth removed, the two teeth left are only left has the X-ray showed they are holding his jaw in place. Anyway for the past few days he has been having spasms with his jaw it locks open and chatters. It’s mostly when he eats but also other times.he is also very quiet. He is 12 years old and I am so worried that something is wrong has anyone ever come across this?


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Martina Stuart

I suspect that one of the 2 teeth will be loose. Ring your vet first thing in the morning and ask for an appointment as soon as available. Don’t feed him before ringing and ask their advise on when and what to feed him. Do not restrict his water overnight.
Good luck.
Please inform us of the outcome


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