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Age:1 year
Breed:Red Foot Tortoise
Weight:.5 kg
Vaccination History:none
Fed On:Mazuri, fruits, and greens
Kept:Kept in a wooden tortoise table. He sleeps with a heating mat keeping it at 70-80F

Red Foot Tortoise hasn't eaten properly in aprox. 8 months


We had recently moved to the US from Mexico 7-8 months ago and since then my tortoise, King, hasn't been eating. In Mexico I would feed him anything and he would eat it but now he wouldn't even touch his food when I give it to him. He has also been less active sleeping all day and not moving around. In August/October when it was fairly hot & humid here in Alabama (around 75-86F and average 64% humidity) I would put him outside in the backyard and he would walk around a lot and bask. But even with the sunlight and the heat he wouldn't eat.
He does drink water regularly and urinates when I soak him every 2 days and his eyes aren't swollen and when he walks he doesn't drag his shell on the floor (I read somewhere that if a tortoise crawls/drags its shell it's unhealthy not sure if its true or not).
In Mexico he was very active in his small tank walking around almost all day and only slept at the night time.
There is one exception when he eats and thats when I give him CAT FOOD. He will always eat that. I will give it to him with fruit hoping he would take a bite of the fruit along with the cat food but he just ends up picking the cat food out.


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Martina Stuart

First I do not claim to have any specialised knowledge or experience in dealing with Chelonia in general and I have even less with ted legged tortoises.
Jungle tortoises are known to eat more protein to the form of carrion etc though a diet solely of car food does seem to be a bit extreme
That having said 0.5 kg for a 2 year old red leg appears to be satisfactory at least.
I suggest that using the Donoghue Ratio and tortoise BMI Formula (https://sites.google.com/site/tortoiselibrary/) would be a good starting point to determine if there really is a problem.
Is it possible that king is grazing unobserved at times?
I presume that you have tried mixing a softened commercial tortoise diet with the cat food.
Should the BMI calculation indicate a problem then I do strongly suggest getting him examined and done blood samples taken fir analysis by a veterinarian that specialises in Chelonia.
Please do keep us informed.


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